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Belgium Beer - A Brewer's Delight

Written on 04/30/2022
Jalen Wall

If you're looking for a refreshing, delicious beer, look no further than Belgium. This renowned beer has a complex, multifaceted flavor profile. Flavors can include chocolate, dark fruits, spices, coffee, and earthy, grassy notes. It pours with a big head and has a long, lingering finish. A great choice for dinner, Belgium Beer pairs well with firm meats. The nuances of the various malt flavors make each sip an unforgettable experience.

The rich history of Belgian brewing is apparent in the wide range of beers produced in the country. Today, Belgium has nearly 1,500 different beer varieties. Many of these are produced by Trappist communities. The country also makes craft beers and has a rapidly growing craft beer scene. In addition to drinking beer, many Belgians enjoy cooking with it, using it as a base for cheeses. Knowledge of beer pairings is shared within families and social circles, and at breweries and public training centers.

The Westmalle Tripel is a classic Belgian beer with a fruity aroma and a subtle hop bite. Its flavor is reminiscent of honey and pears. Its soft maltiness makes it a popular choice among beer connoisseurs. According to Jef Van Den Steen, a former secretary at the Liefmans brewery, the beer is an 8% ABV Belgian sour brown.

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