Triptych Brewing

1703 Woodfield Dr Savoy

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The dream of what would become Triptych began as many brewery dreams do, in a homebrewer's garage...


In 2010,after experiencing modest success at numerous homebrew competitions, Anthony Benjamin decided to investigate opening a brewery to share his creations with others. He combined forces with two other homebrewing friends who also shared his vision. In January 2012, Anthony created a video and announced Triptych Brewing's impending arrival with a Kickstarter page. That summer, he pushed in his chair and turned off his computer monitor one last time when he retired from an Information Technology career at the University of Illinois to pursue Triptych full-time. In February of 2013, Triptych opened and served its first beers.

Today Triptych's ownership consists of four families that have made and continue to make Anthony's vision of exploring the intersection of community and the art of beer brewing, a reality. The Benjamins, the Altstetters, the Voigtlanders, and the Amachers are committed to this dream, one beer at a time.



Since opening in 2013, Triptych has brewed over 200 different varieties of beer. Our variation is a result of our brewer's need to explore and create.we don't believe that EVERY Triptych beer will be for everyone, we hope that there is A Triptych beer for everyone.